Early Spring Morning, Pigs Lane, Little Horton

For once the sun stayed out more or less all of the time although there was a strong haze in the air and still quite cold.  In front there was  herd of cattle, a lot of mixed colours; Black, red-brown to tan, and patches of white. The were very well behaved and hardly moved at all, but gradually got closer to the gate.  The pylons are typical of the area, marching all over the landscape to the north of Devizes; a nightmare for landscape photographers as they spoil the beautiful open views.  The farmer came by and asked if he could look. . I was anticipating paintng the huge straw bale below the pylon, but  suddenly a tractor came by and removed it, so I had to complete it by memory.
Technical note: I use driers in my painting medium and today the mix seemed a bit strong but they worked  very efficiently.
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