The Art of Oil Painting

Today Oil painting is a big part of painting. It is very popular among the people because of its clarity and awesome look. This technique of painting was come in fifth to ninth century. But on that time it was failed to gain the popularity in world. Initially oil painting started by Indians and Chinese painters and they used this technique for Buddist Paintings. The origin of oil painting is Afghanistan Finally oil painting came in focus due to the 15th century and result of popularity at front of us.

Generally oil painting is a process of painting with pigments (mixed in oil) that are made by oil as per the name of painting. Traditionally oil painting was begin with charcoal or thinned paint. The basic rule of oil paint is fat over lean means that each additional layer of paint should contain more oil than the layer below to allow proper drying. 

Linseed oil is a main ingredient of oil painting. It comes from flax seeds. Other oils that are generally used for oil painting include poppyseed oil, walnut oil and safflower oil. These oils used for less yellow color and different drying time.

Oil painting is a very slow process. First painter has to draw sketch on canvas by pencil what they want to represent in oil painting. Then painter mixed the pigments of any color with oil, usually linseed oil but other oil may be used as per the requirement. Drying process of oils is also very slow that’s why it does consume more time rather than other paintings.
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