Oil and golden leaf/canvas;

There is probably nothing that should be more important for us than our freedom. Only through freedom we can discover our own way and our own truth. But only when we unplug our ears, when we break the chains, when we turn over the universal machinery that leads our lives, only then we will hear the voice of freedom singing loudly in us. And we will become those we dream to be.


Painting for sale
The place and the moment that mankind was born can be anywhere and anytime. The spiral of our appearence in this universe stays open until new revelations will be shown. In the meantime, our beliefs continue to swing between the offers of religion and science. But the truth was never hard to be seen for the eyes that want to see it.

I'll be exhibiting with the MARLBOROUGH OPEN STUDIOS  soon, sharing a studio with portrait artist Yvonne Cunnane. The  event runs over four weekends from Sat 23rd June to Sun 24th July.

I'll be there for three weekends but on the 29th June - 2nd July I'm exhibiting in Bradford on Avon  -   with two friends ValĂ©rie Pirlot and Bob Childs, we're calling our exhibition  THREE WESSEX SKETCHERS.
All welcome to drop by these events if you can.
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