Bristol Harbour

My second painting of the day.  A bit of Bristol Harbour with the spire of St Mary Redcliffe in the background. I only had left a few minutes to speedily complete the foreground water, then realised it was the most interesting bit, like clouds, forever changing - I should have tackled it earlier. Perhaps I'll get back there and do more there. Here is another water painting done a while ago, the River Avon in Woodford Valley, near Salisbury
Painters at work. Smile please!:-)
From the left; Valerie Pirpot, Glynis Dray and Anthony Bridge.

Bristol University Music Department

Started the day with the first meeting of the UK Pochard Group in Bristol.   After a coffee and introductions we all set off and worked around here for a bit.  I took longer at the task whilst others went to find new subject matter. Then  four of us met later and painted the harbour to finish the day. We were blessed with a glorious  and sunny, though pretty cold day, below freezing to start. My first experience painting with a group and it was a very positive one and enjoyable.
A view of the painting in progress

Liszt Totentanz 


Oil Painting with Gold Leaf - Bing Bang

Bing Bang, Abstract Paintings for sale.

Oil Paintings For Sale,by Stefania Nistoreanu

50 x 70 Cm ( 19,7 ' x 27,5 ' )
Oil and Gold / Canvas

Landscape Painting: Presenting Nature's Beauty

Landscape painting is such an art which depicts nature elements such as rain, clouds, rivers etc. on a canvas created by an artist. The idea of such kind of painting is derive from natures which are exhibited by the artist with mix imagination. It is said to be one of the greatest contribution of china to an art. This is because the concept of landscape painting originates in china.

Given the diverse topographical nature of India, it is quite evident that this form of art gained huge popularity in India. As we know that India is called a country in the pride of nature, that's why it is much easier for the contemporized artist.

Landscape painting directly touch to the heart of art lovers because of it clarity, naturalness and inventive. This is such a sample of artistic master piece which will remind us that beautiful and memorable place where we went or where we want to go. If you have landscape painting of that place where you already have gonethen that painting surely remind you those days of feelings, emotions and much more.

Landscape painting is not only famous for its beauty but it reminds you of your memorable days. And if you have that landscape painting where want you to go then these painting enhance your excitement for going to that particular place.

This is such a painting which is easily available in market. Landscape painting helps us to visualize certain kind of environment which you want to feel and once you have it you are already there. I can suggest you to own such kind of painting which will not only refresh your mood but also refreshes your soul from within....

View from the Malvern Hills

A great view from the Hillman's homestead, Gt. Malvern,  (Malvern Hills)

Paintings in Progress - Jealousy

Love Paintings - Jealousy

Water Color Painting and Its Importance

Painting is not a hobby only nowadays, for some it became a full fledged profession. Painting is an art where painters apply paints, pigments, color or other medium to a surface. Painting can describe everything which can see in emotions and nature. The fine art of painting has seen many developments and mode in recent times. Watercolor painting is one of them. It has help normal painting to attain new height.
Watercolor painting is an art where painter creates artistic representation on paper or on other base like canvas, bark paper, plastic etc. using the pigments that are soluble in water. Watercolor painting is a great way to express your talent in colorful way.   As you have seen that water color painting is very popular and common among the people and it is performed by children in high range.

Watercolor is an oldest painting among all type of paintings. It was invent in china when they invented the hand made paper and the art of watercolor painting came at the same time.

Watercolor painting connect with the deepest sensibilities of the human spirit and this is because human being can relate to themselves.  It is one of the most appreciated kinds of painting. Watercolor painting manage a variety of themes that appeal to everyone. Each painting has its own story to tell. Human being can relate to these painting since those painting depicts their personal aspects of life. There are different moods attached to these painting which the human brain recognizes and relate to itself.

Watercolor is such an artistic extravaganza which connects to normal people and their attributes. If you own are masterpiece of such type I can assure you that you are not by any means losing out on your money

The Art of Oil Painting

Today Oil painting is a big part of painting. It is very popular among the people because of its clarity and awesome look. This technique of painting was come in fifth to ninth century. But on that time it was failed to gain the popularity in world. Initially oil painting started by Indians and Chinese painters and they used this technique for Buddist Paintings. The origin of oil painting is Afghanistan Finally oil painting came in focus due to the 15th century and result of popularity at front of us.

Generally oil painting is a process of painting with pigments (mixed in oil) that are made by oil as per the name of painting. Traditionally oil painting was begin with charcoal or thinned paint. The basic rule of oil paint is fat over lean means that each additional layer of paint should contain more oil than the layer below to allow proper drying. 

Linseed oil is a main ingredient of oil painting. It comes from flax seeds. Other oils that are generally used for oil painting include poppyseed oil, walnut oil and safflower oil. These oils used for less yellow color and different drying time.

Oil painting is a very slow process. First painter has to draw sketch on canvas by pencil what they want to represent in oil painting. Then painter mixed the pigments of any color with oil, usually linseed oil but other oil may be used as per the requirement. Drying process of oils is also very slow that’s why it does consume more time rather than other paintings.


Looking down North Parade, Frome, Somerset A cold and almost snowy morning (2nd Jan 2011),

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